Membership Services

Our Membership Services Team is designed to be a heartfelt extension of the care and concern of our pastors. Our team consists of trained elders, ministers and deacons who care about the spiritual and physicals needs of the members of Abundant Life Family Church.
The caring staff of the membership services team is here for YOU!
Spiritual Guidance - to pray with you about any needs or challenges in your life.
Family Emergencies - call us if you or a family member is sick or in the hospital.
Weddings - the senior pastor along with a minister will provide spiritual guidance and support until your wedding day.
Newborns - We want to know of the new addition to our church family. Baby dedications are quarterly.
Funerals - Please call us if your loved one has passed. We want to be there to offer support for you and your family.
If there is an emergency please call us at (215) 699-7100. We are here for you!