Our Ministries

Abundant Love marriage ministry meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Its goal is to teach the Word of God with love and truth that will build strong marriages; whereby divorce is never an option.

Audio and Video Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to create and provide audio and video support that provides a comfortable atmosphere, which enhances the anointed and spirit-filled service, and enable the congregation to worship and receive the Word of God, both on site and off location. This ministry is responsible for capturing the service and providing a medium that enables those not physically present to also receive the Word of God.

Beautification Ministry: The maintenance ministry is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness, beauty and excellence both inside and outside of the premises of ALFC.

Children's Church: This ministry is designed to nurture children between the ages of 3 years old to 12 years old in the Word of God. Its goal is to lay a foundation for spiritual growth by teaching them the Word of God on their specific age-level. This goal is accomplished by utilizing the Fruit of the Spirit Puppet Ministry, animated characters, video, and other media.

Conference Coordination Team: The purpose of the Conference Coordination Ministry is to oversee the arrangements of all seminars, conferences, and conventions of ALFC.

Creative Team: The creative team seeks to create and design life change concepts by way of set-design, music, dance, and video that will capture the attention of the congregation and enhance the Word of God...as it is being taught.

Dance Ministry: The Dance Ministry is a form of Praise and Worship through the art of the dance, to bring glory and honor to our Lord, and to usher God's people into His Presence.

Daughter's of Destiny International (DDI): Our Women's Ministry is designed to fully develop the whole woman, spirit, soul and body...that she may walk as a virtuous woman in the earth. The teachings of Pastor Regina Randolph-Davis provide encouragement, empowerment and healing. We meet every 1st Wednesday of the month for fellowships and we also have an annual conference. Periodically we take DDI outside of our walls to help us experience ministry at a different level and environment.

Deacon/Deaconess Ministry: The Deacon/Deaconess Ministry is a group of Holy Ghost filled men/women chosen by our Pastor to assist in the orderly functioning of the church. Their role is to free the Pastor to concentrate on prayer and the ministry of the Word of God. The Deacon/Deaconess also ministers to the less fortunate by providing food and clothing, visiting the sick, and ministering the saving power of Jesus Christ!

Drama Ministry: The purpose of the Drama Team is to establish a ministry of excellence where burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed through the gift of dramatization. This is accomplished by presenting to the believer and non-believer alike, the Word of God through visual dramatization.

Elite-Team Ministry: This is a team of Ministers, Deacons and Leaders who ensure that every area of ministry is covered and functioning in excellence. They gladly fill in any area where needed, at any time they are present.

Facilities Ministry: The Facilities Ministry functions in the capacity of setting up and breaking down all equipment of the church, in every department. This team is responsible for ensuring that every area of the church is prepared and functioning in excellence for all services and events. With a focus on excellence and safety, our facilities team is committed to providing and creating a clean and fully-functioning building so that God's people can worship in an edifice that is ready and functioning in the highest quality possible!

Finance Ministry: Our Finance Team ensures tithes and offerings are counted with excellence, contributions are properly credited, and various funds are allocated to the appropriate accounts.

Fine Arts Ministry: This ministry consists of people of all ages whose goal is to enhance our praise and worship experience by exalting and magnifying God through song, music, dance, drama, mime, and step & stomp teams, etc.

Grace Generation: The purpose of this ministry is to inspire, empower and motivate young adults ages 20-30 through stimulating biblical teachings and resources to pursue and maintain a lifestyle that demonstrates sanctification, holiness, and commitment to God.

Greeters Ministry: This ministry welcomes each worshiper entering the sanctuary with the love of Jesus Christ. The greeters are part of the first touch ministry and are extensions of our Pastors and are vital to the life and culture of our ministry.  They extend the love of our Pastors Robert and Regina and our church family to all who enter our church doors.

Hospitality Ambassadors: This area of ministry is responsible for providing safe and legal parking for the ALFC family and guests. Our Ambassadors also provide assistance with transporting those in need of special assistance from their vehicle to the front door of the sanctuary, as well as assisting those experiencing vehicle problems.

Hostess Ministry: Our Hostess Ministry is dedicated to serving Pastors Robert and Regina Randolph-Davis, all visiting Pastors, and scheduled speakers with  food and refreshments in the spirit of love and kindness. This team also provides snacks and refreshments for all visitors attending any of the services at ALFC.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to intercede through prayer and fasting for our Pastors, Elders, Ministers, the saints, our community, our region, our country, and our elected and appointed political leaders. Our team of intercessors stand in the gap in prayer and in spiritual warfare to pull down strongholds, bind the plan and attacks of the enemy, thus promoting freedom and deliverance in worship and the fulfillment of the vision!

Media Production Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to reproduce God's Word through our Pastors...via CDs, and DVDs in the spirit of excellence. Its goal is to take the Word of God to the world via media, making a mark that will not be erased.

Mighty Men of Valor: MMOV men's ministry meets every 1st Wednesday of each month. The purpose of this ministry is to develop strong, spiritually mature, and committed men by providing support, mentoring and guidance, teaching men how to stand for righteousness, and live a set-apart, purpose-driven life for Jesus Christ in order to take their rightful place as sons of God in the earth and as spiritual leaders of their families.

Membership Services Care Team: This is a ministry to the members of our church family. The purpose of this ministry is to give personal attention to all of the members of our church family. The MSCT consists of anointed and appointed leaders in the church who report the welfare of our members to the Senior Pastors.  It also consists of staff who provide timely follow-up to visitors of ALFC, via phone calls and letters.

Music Ministry: The music ministry consists of the various choirs, praise teams, and bands which are responsible to set precedence by preparing, promoting and establishing an atmosphere of praise and worship with a spirit of excellence prior to the preaching of the Word, and the invitation to discipleship at all services at ALFC.

New Covenant Partners Ministry: This ministry consists of anointed and appointed leaders chosen to impart the doctrinal beliefs and foundational teachings of ALFC into the heart of every new member, thereby empowering and inspiring to run with and fulfill the vision of ALFC.

Operation Seek and Save Team:  This is the outreach team of ALFC, their goals are to invite as many people as they come in contact with to the services and events held here at ALFC.  Also, find creative ways for the members of ALFC to invite others to the ministry.  They work on various creative outreach projects that help bring in the un-churched and the lost in order to allow them to experience salvation and the Abundant Life here at the ministry.

Pastors Personal Assistants: This ministry is an aide to the man and woman of God of ALFC wherever there is a need. The PPA allows the pastors quality time with the Lord, free of the concern from the workings of the ministry.

Photography Team: The photography team goal is to capture special, life-transforming, memorable events and happenings of the ministry, its services, conferences, and special events through picture taking.

RRRM: Robert and Regina Randolph Ministries:  Is the World Outreach arm of ALFC.  Reaching out to the world through TV, radio and speaking engagements.  This team of dedicated people, helps to further the vision of the church to be a world wide ministry that reaches the world one family at a time.

Satisfied Singles: Singles Ministry meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The purpose of the Singles Ministry is to teach and encourage singles of all ages to remain committed to their faith in spite of the challenges they face as singles and to encourage them to remain faithful to the word of God.

Seasoned Saints: This ministry is committed to build, encourage and take care of the elderly by providing support and mentorship through special programs and services.

Security: The ALFC Security team's goal is to provide a safe environment of worship by protecting the anointing, maintaining order and providing safety to all those who are in attendance at any service in both the interior and parking lots areas of the ministry.

Set Design Team: The set design team ensures the demonstration of excellence, quality, progress, punctuality and seamless operation of dramatization; script, scene changes, lighting, audio, and video.

Special Events Team: The purpose of the Special Events Team is to provide logistical support and oversee the arrangement of all special events for ALFC.

Transportation: The purpose and vision of the transportation ministry is to provide transit for individuals who would like to attend a service at ALFC.  If you need to arrange for transportation, please call 985-649-4687 at least 24 hours in advance.??

Usher Ministry: This ministry promotes kindness and maintains order in the sanctuary. They provide direction for seating and provide service to the congregation.??

Website Ministry: This ministry's goal is to be witness of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world via the Internet.  They accomplish this goal by creating electronic and visible expressions of the Word of God to minister the gospel.

Fit For Life Ministry: Helps promote the development of a personal fitness regimen and healthy lifestyle for it participants.  Individuals are afforded an opportunity to participate in multi-level aerobics, Zumba, pilates, walking, running programs, etc

Youth Ministry: The Velocity Youth Church Ministry is the foundational platform we use to minister to youth ages 13 to 19 years of age.  VYC demonstrates and teaches that young people don't have to wait until they are older to operate in the power and anointing of God.  VYC teaches Godly principles and character and prepares our youth for challenges in their daily lives as they walk out their Christian life and calling.