Breaking Free Bundle

Breaking Free Bundle




Regina Randolph- Davis invites you into an untapped yet most problematic area in relationships to date. Many people are in or have been involved in ungodly relationships that have left their souls in a state of trauma. This condition described by the world is called a Trauma Bond but in the Christian community it is referred to as an ungodly Soul-tie. An unseen place in the soul that keeps individuals bound to the past forbidding access to the good future God has planned for their lives causing both emotional and physical damage. In this bundle she deal with ungodly soul-ties, Who’s in control, hidden treasure , identifies and exposes areas of bondage and also gives pertinent keys to break free from them once and for all! Take this journey with her and receive your healing and freedom.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Breaking Free Book
  • Breaking Free Series CD – 4 Parts Total
  • uncut program DVD


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