Soul Intelligence Bundle

Soul Intelligence Bundle




Many people go through life trying to gain prosperity through knowledge and worldly wisdom. Some use their IQ (Intelligence) as a barometer of how they will fare in life. It is now known that you EQ (emotional intelligence) is a better determinant of how you will succeed. However, few take the time to improve the health of their mind, will and emotions- the elements that comprise the soul. The bible says in 3 John 2 , ” Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health , just as your soul prospers.” In this series, SQ- The Importance of Soul Intelligence, Pastor Regina teaches that true, whole-life prosperity, starts with developing a prosperous soul. Pastor Regina explains the tools needed to identify an impoverished soul, and teaches how to transform the mind, will and emotions to experience God’s intended prosperity. You really need this series, get your copy today!


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